Meal Service

The Plum Delicious Dining Personal Chef Service, LLC standard meal service includes up to 6 entrées; each provides four generous servings and includes appropriate side dishes. That's 24 meals for a 6-entrée service. Your chef service includes:

Individual Consultation and Assessment

At your Individual Consultation and Assessment we'll discuss your culinary tastes, any special dietary needs, how often you might need or want service, and what kind of meals are best-suited to your lifestyle.

Dining is a very personal subject, so I take the time to listen to you and come up with the plan best suited to your needs and schedule.

Personalized Menu Planning and Preparation

Whether you're looking for a gourmet dinner, comfort food or a “light and healthy” menu, I will customize every menu to your tastes. Each week's menu will be printed for you and left with your prepared food.

Grocery Shopping

I shop for all the groceries needed for your chef day and save you the time of reading the recipes, preparing the shopping list, driving to the store, the actual shopping and maybe even forgetting an item or two! I shop for you as I do for my own family—with the freshest ingredients and best quality in mind—sometimes visiting 2 or 3 markets!

Pantry Items

Most recipes call for small amounts of some ingredients, such as a tablespoon of flour, soy sauce, an egg, spices, oils, condiments, etc. These pantry items are included in your package. This prevents you from spending money for large quantities of items that you may only use occasionally and end up throwing out!

Meal Preparation and Cooking

I come to your home on our pre-arranged chef date, bringing all my own utensils and equipment. As a Certified Food Manager, I practice safe food handling from the moment I purchase your groceries through preparation, cooking, cooling and storage.

Packaging and Heating Instructions

I'll package your menu items according to our prearranged serving sizes and leave them stacked neatly in your refrigerator or freezer. Each dish prepared will be labeled with any instructions you need for heating.

Your food will be packaged in durable containers that are freezable, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Storing Your Meals

Fresh vs. Frozen Storage is up to you! You can choose to keep your entrées in the refrigerator and eat them all in a week, or you can choose some entrées to be frozen for later use.

Clean Up of Your Kitchen

Your “chef day” will end with a perfectly clean kitchen and the comforting aroma of fabulous home cooked meals in the air.